Our agents possess soft skills, which involve proactive methods and customer service, as well as hard skills to get the protectee out of emergencies. We know every client is different, and we can tailor the security detail based on their lifestyle and needs. Examples of clients needing our service are individuals in the entertainment industry, key corporate personnel, politicians, sports figures, and high-net-worth families.




In today’s workplace, it is vital to keep our employees safe. Even with the best policy, it takes only one worker to alter the workplace landscape with the most terrifying consequences.




We provide personal security during events from shareholders’ meetings to public speaking to book signings, as well as conferences and other special events. We will ensure your safety and maintain your schedule so you can focus on your work.




Emergencies and disasters come when least expected. We make assessments, create policies, and install agents to protect key personnel and assets during critical times. We can put together a team when your organization is experiencing circumstances such as labor disputes, environmental disasters, political instability, and instances of stalking.




Our drivers are graduates of security driver programs that include evasive driving & surveillance detection. They have interpersonal, planning, and reactive training for emergencies while providing a pleasant and professional atmosphere and ensuring safety.